Worry Buddy Friendship Bracelet

Do you know a child who worries?

Are they a little shy around other children?

Well I am introducing the Worry Buddy Friendship Bracelet. When I was a little girl I used to carry my worry people with me to school. In time of anxiousness I would wish my worry people were closer to me. I longed to hold them instead of them being buried in my pencil case or school bag, so I decide to create these worry buddies so you can carry your buddy with you where ever you go xxxx These brightly coloured worry buddies will be with your child wherever they go. They will lend an ear to whatever they are worrying about and help to soak up that fear of being in a crowd. For more information on Worry People and there origin, click this link https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worry_doll. This historic tradition has been revamped and enable your child to freely be themselves where ever they are xxxxx only £1. 50 each and comes with a little gift bag. They are all as unique as your child xxx you can also add another free gift of a wooden heart with inspirational message of your choice to encourage bravery and positive thoughts for your child xxxxx

Worry Buddy Friendship Bracelet

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